Tru Organics Softgel CBD Pills


Tru Organics Softgel CBD Pills are safe, potent, and convenient. Full spectrum hemp oil is delivered in the format of a small pill so it’s easy to ingest and looks just like an ordinary vitamin. Keep them handy in an easy to reach drawer or shelf for whenever you’re in need.


Tru Organics’ exclusive formula includes sunflower lecithin, MCT oil, and full spectrum hemp extract. These ingredients work together with one another to produce noticeable effects in the body, and could possibly provide mental and physical comfort. Take advantage of the benefits of CBD by buying yours today!


Why Take Softgel CBD Pills?


If you’re out and about or around young impressionable children or strangers, you may not feel comfortable taking regular hemp oil. Not only can it spill and make a mess, but you may feel uncomfortable about people noticing and watching. Enter Tru Organics Softgel CBD Pills.


Softgel CBD Pills are a great alternative for those who’d rather take CBD in a pill format due to the taste, appearance, or viscous nature of hemp oil. To take your daily CBD, simply dispense one of the pills, swallow it with a beverage, and be on your way. It’s that easy!


  • Each unit is packed full of CBD
  • Option to choose either 300 mg or 900 mg potency
  • Bioavailability is amplified by combining sunflower lecithin and MCT oil
  • Pill format makes for a comfortable and discreet experience so you can take your CBD at home, work, or anywhere else
  • Tru Organics tasteless formula provides a way to sidestep the bitter taste of hemp oil
  • Great for beginners since doses are easy to calculate
  • Return Policy

    Jax CBD Shop offers a 30 day return policy on all unopened products. For any issues contact us at

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